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Hi, I'm Kasia (but better call me fornalina) and welcome to my simblr. 99% of the content here is sims related. Also I only follow simblrs so don't feel offended when I don't follow you back. CHEERS!

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I simply love this guy. I made him just a few minutes ago and I’m already crazy about him. He’s Kang Min Su (or rather Min Su Kang - as it should be written in a western manner), soon-to-be Inventor. 

I’m thinking of making him Phillip’s lover when he grows up and  I already have a scenario of their future meeting. Jarrod might be fine as a first love but he’s 100% hetero and will make things difficult for Phillip. I was for ‘childhood friends grow into lovers’ kind of a thing (like in many yaoi) but it would be a waste not to use Min Su.

posted 2 years ago @ 30 Mar 2012
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